ACT Fibernet VS Airtel Broadband in Hyderabad Reviews: Which are Best Plans 2024

ACT Fibernet VS Airtel Broadband in Hyderabad. This is probably one of the most difficult decisions you can make when it comes to opting for an Internet connection. ACT Fibernet has always been the leading ISP in Telangana, but this doesn’t mean that they are the best. Airtel Broadband is one of the newer entrants into the ISP space and offers some great deals.

In a city with a high population density, it can be difficult to find cheap and reliable internet. Airtel Broadband and ACT Fibernet provide internet services that residents of Hyderabad can use to get on the web. In the city of Hyderabad, Airtel Broadband currently has the most subscribers, while ACT Fibernet has been gaining more subscribers in recent years. The speed of these services is not always adequate for some uses, however, they are relatively inexpensive.

ACT Fibernet VS Airtel Broadband

ACT Fibernet is the leading broadband service provider in Hyderabad and Airtel Broadband is one of the best broadband providers in Hyderabad. The two services have completely different features, packages, and prices. Now it’s time to decide which plan you should choose for your home or office.

This article will compare two of the biggest telecom companies in India, Airtel, and ACT Fibernet. We will compare their network coverage and speed, their free and paid data plans, pricing for their prepaid plans, customer care and support service, the device requirements for each plan, etc.

ACT Fibernet in Hyderabad Best Plans

ACT Fibernet, the leading broadband provider in Hyderabad and its surrounding areas, is now introducing an all-new plan called ACT Infinity. It offers a high-speed internet connection that can be further enhanced with ACT Silver Voice. This new plan aims to give customers a faster internet experience along with an amazing call experience and the best value for money.


ACT Fibernet has been making waves in the Indian telecom industry with its aggressive broadband plans and quality of service. The company has grown to become one of the fastest-growing telecom operators in India and is a recognized leader in providing high-speed data connectivity to millions of consumers. The company has recently launched new plans for home users, that promise to bring down the price barrier for internet access.

A-Max 700Unlimited₹70075 Mbps30 Days
A-Max 5001 TB₹50040 Mbps30 Days
A-Max 1075Unlimited₹1075150 Mbps30 Days
A-Max 1325Unlimited₹1325300 Mbps30 Days
Incredible 1999Unlimited₹1999400 Mbps30 Days
ACT GIGA6 TB₹59991 Gbps30 Days


ACT Fibernet recently opened a new office in Hyderabad, India to better serve their customers. The company, which is one of the largest telecommunications companies in India.

Beamfiber3.5 TB₹3999500 Mbps30 Days
ACT Enterprise UltrafastPlus3 TB₹49991000 Mbps30 Days
ACT Enterprise Exceptional6 TB₹59991 Gbps30 Days
ACT Enterprise Phenomenal8 TB₹79991 Gbps30 Days
ACT Enterprise Phenomenal Plus10 TB₹109991 Gbps30 Days

Airtel Broadband in Hyderabad Best Plans

Airtel is one of the most popular telco service providers in India and has been able to maintain its leadership position because of a number of factors. Here’s their list of airtel broadband plans for Hyderabad so that you can decide on the best plan for your needs.

Package DataPriceSpeedValidity
EntertainmentUnlimited + Amazon Prime, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy₹999200 Mbps30 Days
BasicUnlimited + Wynk Music, Shaw Academy ₹49940 Mbps30 Days
StandardUnlimited + Wynk Music, Shaw Academy ₹799100 Mbps30 Days
ProfessionalUnlimited + Amazon Prime, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy ₹1499300 Mbps30 Days
InfinityUnlimited + Amazon Prime, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy ₹39991 Gbps30 Days

In this blog, we have compared the two major players in the telecom sector, ACT Fibernet, and Airtel Broadband. We have taken up a survey from our readers to compare the features of both companies and provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the service providers. We hope that our comparison helps you make an informed decision about which company to go for.

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