UCN Broadband Plans and Customer Care Number in Nagpur

UCN Broadband is a high-speed internet service provider in Nagpur. UCN offers a variety of internet plans and services that include both residential and business customers. UCN also provides 24/7 customer support and has a wide range of devices that are compatible with its network.

There is a lot of development taking place and consequently, the city’s infrastructure is growing along with it. This has led to an increase in demand for broadband services, which in turn, has driven up the prices of those services. To get a better idea of how broadband plans and speeds compare in Nagpur, we conducted some reviews.

UCN Broadband Plans in Nagpur Price

They are planning to launch a new broadband plan called UCN Broadband with a price tag of Rs. 500 per month. This plan will be available for both residential and business users.

We need to make sure that our readers know about this new plan before it is launched. This will help them understand the benefits it offers, and also help them get more information about UCN Broadband Plus before it launches in their area.

Home Plan

Unlimited Plans (Monthly)

300 MbpsRs. 1500 + GST
200 MbpsRs. 1250 + GST
150 MbpsRs. 1000 + GST
125 MbpsRs. 850 + GST
100 MbpsRs. 750 + GST
50 MbpsRs. 650 + GST
40 MbpsRs. 500 + GST

Long Validity Plan (Quarterly)

Rs. 900 + GST360 GB5 Mbps

Budget Plan (Monthly)

Rs. 349 + GST200 GB20 Mbps / 1 Mbps Unlimited

Business Plan

Rs. 3000 + GST150 Mbps
Rs. 2500 + GST100 Mbps

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Customer care number

Call Center08069033999
Phone0712 – 6633888 / 6633999

UCN Broadband is a company that provides broadband services to residential and business customers. They have been in the business and are one of the most well-established companies in India.

UCN is a good option. Their plans are affordable, and their customer service is responsive. To get started, visit their website or call their customer service number.

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