ACT Fibernet vs Airtel Broadband Plans in Chennai: Which are Best 2024

Airtel Broadband and ACT Fibernet are two well-known companies that provide broadband services in Chennai. They have different plans for customers depending on their needs. Airtel and ACT Fibernet are two of the largest broadband providers in Chennai. Airtel Broadband Plans start at Rs.499 for a month whereas ACT Fibernet plans start at Rs.549 for a month.

ACT Fibernet vs Airtel Broadband

ACT Fibernet and Airtel Broadband are two telecom companies that offer broadband services in Chennai. Both of these telecom companies offer affordable broadband plans and affordable data plans.
While both of these companies have different packages for their customers, there are a few things which you should keep in mind before selecting the best package for your needs.

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ACT Fibernet Plans in Chennai

ACT Fibernet is the fastest-growing broadband service provider in Chennai. The company has been able to achieve this feat because of its high-speed Internet plans and innovative business model. In this article, we will highlight the three biggest things that helped ACT become a leading telecom player in Chennai.


ACT Fibernet has launched its Home Package’ service in Chennai. The package, priced at Rs. 820 to Rs. 2999 per month, offers data and calls within the city with speeds of up to 75-1000 Mbps, for a duration of 30 days. With this package, subscribers can also opt for a SIM card along with a handset and free-to-air TV from Act TV5 and ACT Bharat TV.

ACT BasicUnlimited₹82075 Mbps30 Days
ACT StarterUnlimited₹54940 Mbps30 Days
ACT BlazeUnlimited₹1020125 Mbps30 Days
ACT Blast PromoUnlimited₹1075200 Mbps30 Days
ACT StormUnlimited₹1125250 Mbps30 Days
ACT LightningUnlimited₹1325300 Mbps30 Days
ACT IncredibleUnlimited₹1999350 Mbps30 Days
ACT GIGAUnlimited₹29991000 Mbps30 Days


ACT Fibernet today launched its Corporate Office Service, offering seamless connectivity to data centers and corporate offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune for all its customers. The company has come up with an extremely attractive package for users looking to benefit from the connectivity. ACT Fibernet is one of the leading providers of fiber-based Internet services in India and provides end-to-end solutions, spanning over fixed-line and wireless networks.

ACT Enterprise Platinum7000 GB₹49991 Gbps30 Days
ACT Enterprise UltrafastPlus8000 GB₹69991 Gbps30 Days
ACT Enterprise Exceptional10000 GB₹89991 Gbps30 Days

Airtel Broadband Plans in Chennai

As a Chennai resident, you can avail various broadband plans from Airtel in Chennai. With the latest plans and offers, you can now access all the facilities of the Internet with your current gadget or smartphone. The best part is that Airtel Broadband Plans in Chennai offers its customers high-speed internet for only Rs 499 per month.

EntertainmentUnlimited + Amazon Prime, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy₹999200 Mbps30 Days
BasicUnlimited + Wynk Music, Shaw Academy₹49940 Mbps30 Days
StandardUnlimited + Wynk Music, Shaw Academy₹799100 Mbps30 Days
ProfessionalUnlimited + Amazon Prime, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy₹1499300 Mbps30 Days
InfinityUnlimited + Amazon Prime, Wynk Music, Shaw Academy₹39991 Gbps30 Days

Blog Conclusion: If you are planning to switch your broadband connection, we recommend that you check out the plans offered by ACT Fibernet and Airtel Broadband. Both companies offer a wide range of options, so it’s important that you do your research before making a decision. You can compare the plans side-by-side on our website and decide which one is best for you.

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