Teletalk internet offer and packages List 2024

Teletalk cell phone company is well respected by younger generations for its many special Teletalk internet offers. They offer a very inexpensive internet package compared to other mobile operators in Bangladesh. Teletalks is Bangladesh’s largest Telecommunications company. They give free SIM cards to all students and give advice for Internet use. They really make the cellphone group more distinctive than other operators. Students of this time are thrilled to be able to access more of the internet for cheaper prices thanks to Teletsalk. All teletALK internet packages 2024 are student-friendly. All offers are student-orientated. They serve every client.

Teletalk SIM is the fourth SIM operator in Bangladesh. Like other SIM operators, Teletalk is also a telecommunication system in Bangladesh. This organization has been formed on the initiative of the government. So in Bangladesh, it is also considered an official SIM. So this company has come up with various internet packages to use the internet at the lowest cost. If you have a Teletalk SIM, you can use the internet at a low cost.
So let’s take a look at Teletalk’s Internet offers and packages.

Regular Data Packs

Exclusive data pack

SL NODataPriceUSSD CodeValidity
11 GB21 Taka*111*534#3 Days
 21 GB27 Taka*111*27#7 Days
 31 GB49 Taka*111*49#30 Days
 42 GB93 Taka*111*93#30 Days
 53 GB44 Taka*111*44#5 Days
 63 GB66 Taka*111*66#10 Days
 710 GB97 Taka*111*97#10 Days
 825 GB198 Taka*111*198#10 Days
 930 GB344 Taka*111*344#30 Days
 10 100 MB9 Taka*111*501#5 Days
 11 500 MB 26 Taka*111*503#30 Days
 12 3.5 GB 78 Taka*111*511#10 Days
 13 3 GB 139 Taka*111*531#30 Days
 14 5 GB 201 Taka*111*532#30 Days
 15 10 GB 239 Taka*111*550#30 Days
 16 15 GB 129 Taka*111*551#7 Days
 17 20 GB301 Taka*111*552#30 Days
 18 45 GB445 Taka*111*445#30 Days

Teletalk internet offer

Oporajita Data Package

  • 1 GB at tk. 8 for 7 days. USSD code *111*8# ( Only for first 3 months after activation).
  • 1 GB at tk. 19 for 3 days. USSD code *111*19#.
  • 2 GB at tk. 38 for 7 days. USSD code *111*38#.
  • 10 GB at tk. 156 for 15 days. USSD code *111*156#
  • Combo offer 2 GB + 250 minutes + 100 SMS any operator at tk. 199 for 30 days. USSD code *111*199#.


What is 4G?

Ans- 4G is a 4th generation broadband cellular network that offers high-speed internet browsing.

How to enjoy 4G internet and offers on Teletalk SIM?

  • Your phone must be 4G supported. Then you can enjoy Teletalk Internet and offers.
  • If you have a Teletalk SIM with a 2G SIM before 2012, you need to replace it with 4G.
  • If your current SIM is in 3G then you need to migrate to 4G.
  • You need to be in 4G coverage area, then you can use Teletalk 4G internet and enjoy the offer.

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