ACT Fibernet Ahmedabad Review All Plans 2024

The article is about the fiber internet service provider, ACT Fibernet, in Ahmedabad. They provide high-speed internet at low prices and are currently the fastest ISP in India. Apart from this they also offer four different plans for its customers giving them choices to choose from. ACT Fibernet has dominated the broadband market ever.

They have managed to stay relevant by offering a wide range of services, from broadband to television. In their home plans section, they offer various options for customers looking to save on bandwidth, as well as those who are interested in having a little more speed without spending too much money.

ACT Fibernet Ahmedabad Review

Every day we use the internet for school, to chat with friends and family, to work from home, and more. Now that we all depend on the internet, it’s important to understand the benefits and downsides of each company you’re considering before you sign up. ACT Fibernet is a fiber-optic internet service provider in Ahmedabad. It has been providing services since 2011 and customers enjoy their fast and reliable connections.

ACT Fibernet offers two different forms of service; one for home users and one for businesses.


When you’re looking for the best broadband service in Ahmedabad, it can feel like a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it’s difficult to determine which one will be the best choice for your needs. However, when you look at ACT Fibernet’s plans, you’ll see that they are all great options. You might find that cable broadband is what’s right for you. And if this is the case, the Triple Play plan should be your top pick.

ACT AdvantageUnlimited150 MbpsRs. 74930 Days
ACT BronzeUnlimited50 MbpsRs. 54930 Days
ACT LightningUnlimited200 MbpsRs. 99930 Days
ACT RemarkableUnlimited300 MbpsRs. 189930 Days

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The company offers residential and commercial internet service through fiber optic cables, which allow for high speeds and unlimited bandwidth. They offer packages that include up to 1 Gbps for home users and 1gbps for businesses. This ISP has quickly gained popularity in the city due to their competitive prices and reliable service.

ACT Enterprise UltrafastPlus3.5 TB500 Mbps / Post FUP speed 5 MbpsRs. 499930 Days
ACT Enterprise ExceptionalPlus6 TB1 Gbps / Post FUP speed 7 MbpsRs. 699930 Days
ACT Enterprise PhenomenalPlus10 TB1 Gbps / Post FUP speed 10 MbpsRs. 899930 Days

Why should you subscribe to ACT Fibernet?

ACT Fibernet is a reliable internet service provider that offers affordable yet high-quality internet services. They offer a variety of plans, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. For example, if you have a large family and need a plan with higher download limits, they have plans for you. If you are an individual who only needs the internet for basic activities like browsing the web and checking email, there are lower-priced plans available as well.

ACT Fibernet is an excellent choice for your home or business. With fast internet speeds, reliable connections, and fair prices, they are a step above other providers.

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