What Is The Difference Between RAC and WL Ticket?

Many people are not aware of the difference between RAC and WL tickets. Below is an explanation of what each type of ticket signifies, as well as how they are priced. A rest assured cancellation ticket is usually issued after purchasing a refundable or non-refundable fare.

RAC and WL tickets are two different types of tickets. A RAC ticket guarantees a seat on the plane and the cheapest ticket price. A WL ticket does not guarantee a seat but instead reserves a spot in the general boarding queue.

What is RAC ticket?

RAC Ticket Definition

RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation ticket in Indian Railways. It is a type of train ticket that allows passengers to travel on a train but with shared accommodation (usually a berth). It means that if a passenger holding a RAC ticket does not get a confirmed seat, they can still travel by sharing a berth with another passenger who has a similar ticket.

If the carrier needs to cancel or change the ticket, they will offer compensation to those with RAC tickets. The amount of compensation will vary depending on how far in advance of departure the ticket was purchased.

The main advantage of this type of ticket is that if the customer cancels their ticket and they need to rebook it, the airline or rail will reimburse them for any change in price.

The reservation against cancellation ticket often referred to as the RAC, is a multi-functional type of travel insurance that guarantees you will not lose your money if you cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances. This coverage is especially beneficial for those traveling on tight budgets and who may be uncertain about their future plans. While it does safeguard you from having to pay any penalty fees should you decide to cancel or change your arrangements, there are both advantages and disadvantages to this type of ticket.

What is WL ticket?

WL Ticket Definition

WL stands for Waiting List in the context of Indian Railways.

The waiting list ticket is a type of ticket that is given to people who were not able to buy a regular ticket before it sold out. A person who has a WL ticket will be next in line to get a regular ticket once somebody returns theirs or decides not to come. If there are no more tickets available then they will be told that they need to wait for the next performance.

A WL ticket is a railway reservation status where a passenger is placed on a waiting list for a particular train and station, meaning that if a confirmed ticket holder does not show up or cancels their ticket, a passenger with a WL status may be allotted a seat.

A WL ticket is a lottery-style chance to purchase tickets to popular events that are sold out. Once you buy a WL ticket, you will join the waiting list and be given the opportunity to purchase tickets if any become available.

The WL ticket is a ticket you purchase as an alternative to getting a ballot for a specific show. It can be advantageous because it is the only way to ensure that you receive tickets for sold-out shows. You will also have first dibs on any tickets that become available due to cancellations, postponements, and other unforeseen circumstances. The disadvantage of this type of ticket is that it costs more money.

Difference Between RAC and WL

A difference between a Reservation against Cancellation ticket and a Waiting List ticket is that the former guarantees you admission to an event, whereas the latter only reserves you a place in line. The best decision depends on individual goals: if they want to ensure that they will be able to get in, then they should purchase a reservation against a cancellation ticket. If they want to be able to attend even if there is a low demand for tickets, they should buy a waiting list ticket.

Many people have a difficult time understanding the difference between a Reservation against Cancellation and Waiting List.


“RAC” and “WL” are terms used in Indian Railways to indicate the status of a train ticket reservation.

“RAC” stands for “Reservation Against Cancellation,” which means that if a confirmed ticket holder doesn’t turn up for the journey, a passenger with a RAC ticket will be allotted a seat.

“WL” stands for “Waiting List,” which means that if a confirmed ticket holder doesn’t turn up for the journey, a passenger with a WL ticket will be allotted a seat based on the waiting list number and availability of seats.

In other words, a passenger with a higher WL number has a lower chance of getting a seat compared to a passenger with a lower WL number. If all the confirmed and RAC tickets have been booked, a WL ticket holder may not get a seat and will have to either book another ticket or cancel their WL ticket and get a refund.

Tips For Purchasing Train Ticket

When you want to buy a railway ticket, there are many options that are available. You can decide to purchase a seat or an unreserved seat on the train. A seat guarantees that you will have space on the train for your luggage. Reserved seats are more expensive but they do guarantee that you will have a place to sit and, if the seat is reserved with your name, it will be easy for you to find.

The railway ticketing system in India is very complicated. The railway reservation system, also known as the quota reservation system, has two types of reservations:
-RAC – Reservation Against Cancellation. With RAC, a person can book a seat to travel on a particular train but doesn’t have any guarantee that he or she will be able to travel on the particular train. In other words, there’s no certainty of occupancy.


After deducting the Rs. 60 handling fee for issuing such a ticket (and the GST, if appropriate), the refund of the fare is made, assuming the voucher for cancellation can be shown up to thirty minutes before the train’s scheduled departure, provided the voucher is for the current schedule ticketing, irrespective of the distance.

Tips For Purchasing RailwayTicket

When purchasing a railway ticket, it is important to do some research. Research can help you find the best deals and cheapest tickets available. There are many websites that offer railway fare deals. You can use these sites to compare prices and find the right trip for your budget.

The following are tips to help you purchase a train ticket. First, decide on the point of departure and the destination for your trip. Next, decide on the date of travel and the type of railway you would like to travel with. Then, compare prices from multiple sites. Finally, make your decision on which railway ticket price is best for you.

RAC or WL which is the best?

It depends on the individual’s preferences and needs. A confirmed ticket provides a guaranteed seat, but if the ticket is not available, a RAC ticket is a better option than a waiting list ticket as it provides a higher chance of getting a seat. However, in the case of RAC, the passenger may have to share the seat with another passenger. On the other hand, a waiting list ticket provides a lower chance of getting a seat and does not guarantee a seat.

In conclusion, it is best to opt for a confirmed ticket if available, followed by a RAC ticket, and as a last resort, a waiting list ticket.

Can I travel with rac ticket?

If you hold a RAC ticket, you are allowed to travel, but you may have to share your seat with another passenger. It’s advisable to check with the railway authorities for the latest guidelines and regulations regarding traveling with a RAC ticket.

In conclusion, RAC and WL tickets both provide a chance to get free tickets for live events. With RAC, the tickets are only given out on a first-come, first-served basis and WL tickets can be saved and picked up at will. The main difference is that RAC offers a time limit on when the tickets will be given out while WL tickets can be saved indefinitely until they are picked up.

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