ACT Broadband Review Bangalore All Best Plans 2024

ACT Broadband provides a review of the best broadband plans in Bangalore. If you are looking for an internet service provider that offers reliable connection speeds and competitive rates, then this is the place to start your search. ACT Broadband has analyzed the best broadband plans in Bangalore and collected all their findings into one easy-to-navigate website. They have gathered information about different types of packages so you can find the best plan for your needs.

The ever-changing world of the internet has seen a lot of change in the past few years. Broadband service providers have changed their plans to suit the changing needs of their customers. ACT broadband, which is the largest broadband service provider in India, has also introduced all the best plans. These plans are available at affordable rates and offer benefits like free speed upgrades when you need it most.

ACT Broadband Review Bangalore

ACT Broadband is an internet service company that has offices in India. Many Indian customers have been using it for years. The company’s Bangalore office offers two types of plans: a home plan, an office plan to match any budget or needs. Current customers can contact ACT for more information about their plans and the company’s services.

This is our review for ACT Broadband, which is an internet service provider in Bangalore.


ACT StormUnlimited300 MbpsRs. 118530 Days
ACT Basic500 GB40 Mbps / Post FUP speed 512 KbpsRs. 54930 Days
ACT Swift750 GB75 Mbps / Post FUP speed 512 KbpsRs. 71030 Days
ACT Rapid Plus1000 GB100 Mbps / Post FUP speed 512 KbpsRs. 98530 Days
ACT Blaze1500 GB150 Mbps / Post FUP speed 1 MbpsRs. 108530 Days
ACT LightningUnlimited350 Mbps / Rs. 142530 Days
ACT IncredibleUnlimited400 MbpsRs. 199930 Days
ACT GIGAUnlimited1000 MbpsRs. 599930 Days


ACT Enterprise Ultrafast Plus2.8 TB500 Mbps / Post FUP speed 3 MbpsRs. 700030 Days
ACT Enterprise Exceptional Plus3.6 TB1 Gbps / Post FUP speed 4 MbpsRs. 900030 Days
ACT Enterprise Phenomenal Plus5 TB1 Gbps / Post FUP speed 5 MbpsRs. 1200030 Days
ACT Enterprise GIGA PLUS10 TB1 Gbps / Post FUP speed 5 MbpsRs. 1500030 Days

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In conclusion, ACT Broadband is a high-quality product with reasonable rates and different types of packages for their customers. The customer service team ensures that there are no surprises and that the customer is satisfied with their experience.

The ACT Broadband team makes sure that their customers always have a great customer service experience and offers reasonable rates for multiple services.

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