Weebo Broadband Internet Plans Review 2024

Weebo is a broadband internet service provider in India (Delhi, Muzaffarnagar, Jaipur, Udaipur, Meerut). They offer a variety of plans with different speeds and data allowances. Weebo has good customer service and offers a free trial. Weebo has reasonable prices for the amount of data that you get, and the speeds are good.

Weebo Broadband is perfect for people who live in rural or remote areas where there is no other broadband service available. It also offers great value for consumers who want to save money on their broadband subscription. Weebo Broadband offers a fast and reliable connection that’s perfect for streaming video and downloading large files.

Weebo Broadband Internet Plans

They offer a variety of plans and packages, with the majority of their service being available through their website. Weebo has some great features, like unlimited data. Their customer service is not the best, and they have a limited number of devices that are compatible with their service. Overall, Weebo is a good option if you’re looking for an affordable internet provider.

Weebo Broadband is a new internet service that promises to give you the speed of broadband without the high cost. It’s a service that offers an affordable, reliable, and fast connection. You can sign up for Weebo Broadband through their website or app.


No data limit
OTT included
Unlimited download
FTTH (fiber to home)

Rs. 550 / Month300 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 689 / Month300 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 1200 / Month300 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 500 / Month200 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 625 / Month200 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 1000 / Month200 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 550 / Month100 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 600 / Month100 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 800 / Month100 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 525 / Month75 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 444 / Month75 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 600 / Month75 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 375 / Month50 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 412 / Month50 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 650 / Month50 Mbps1 Month

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Rs. 660 / Month100 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 720 / Month100 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 799 / Month100 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 640 / Month75 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 680 / Month75 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 699 / Month75 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 420 / Month50 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 660 / Month50 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 599 / Month50 Mbps1 Month


Rs. 720 / Month300 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 800 / Month300 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 1300 / Month300 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 600 / Month200 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 700 / Month200 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 1180 / Month200 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 500 / Month100 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 668 / Month100 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 825 / Month100 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 450 / Month75 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 590 / Month75 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 750 / Month75 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 417 / Month50 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 513 / Month50 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 590 / Month50 Mbps1 Month


Rs. 821 / Month200 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 950 / Month200 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 737 / Month100 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 836 / Month100 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 541 / Month50+10 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 760 / Month50+10 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 391 / Month30+5 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 666 / Month30+5 Mbps6 Months


Rs. 555.5 / Month300 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 749.5 / Month300 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 1179 / Month300 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 527.79 / Month200 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 674.5 / Month200 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 1002 / Month200 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 499.8 / Month100 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 599.8 / Month100 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 825 / Month100 Mbps1 Month
Rs. 478.5 / Month50 Mbps12 Months
Rs. 519 / Month50 Mbps6 Months
Rs. 589 / Month50 Mbps1 Month

Customer care

The Weebo broadband customer care number is available 24/7 to help you with your questions and problems with your Weebo broadband service. You can call the number and speak to a customer service representative who will be able to help you with any issues you may have.

Contact number- 1800-120-3714
Mail- sales@weebo.co.in

Weebo Networks Pvt. Ltd. is a company worth considering for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need a reliable way to manage their online presence. The company’s suite of tools and services is easy to use and provides the necessary features to help businesses succeed on the internet.

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