ANI Broadband Plans 2022 In Laxmi Nagar & Delhi/NCR Review

Laxmi Nagar, Delhi/NCR is fast developing into one of the major commercial hubs for business and shopping. The upcoming 2022 ANI broadband plans are expected to further enhance the connectivity for residents in this location. As a result, Laxmi Nagar will see better digital access, faster internet speeds, and more efficient service offerings. ANI is planning to expand its coverage by adding fiber-optic connections to homes located just outside of the zone’s boundary.

One of the most popular networks in India, ANI Network, has come up with a solution for the traffic congestion in the city. By utilizing their vast network of buses and cabs they are able to move people out of congested areas. This provides relief to the city streets which are often filled with cars, trucks, buses, bikes, and pedestrians all battling for space on the streets.

ANI Broadband Plans In Laxmi Nagar & Delhi/NCR review

The broadband plans in Laxmi Nagar & Delhi/NCR are designed to provide low-cost internet access at the bare minimum. This is made possible through the use of WiMAX technology. The company’s willingness to be priced competitively for this region makes it the perfect choice for people on a budget who need to stay connected on the go.

ANI Network Laxmi Nagar Packages

Ani Network, a renowned real estate company in the city of Laxmi Nagar, offers its customers high-quality living space at competitive prices. The company’s mission is to provide affordable housing for the people of Delhi by providing customized solutions for every customer.

Packages NamePriceData RateFUP
STANDARDRS. 370 /month25 MbpsUp to 200GB Data After 10Mbps
BUSINESSRS. 470 /month50 MbpsNo FUP/No Data Limit
ENTERTAINMENTRS. 550 /month60 MbpsUnlimited access to 3.5 Mn Songs, Movies, TV shows, Bollywood Gossip, and originals
PREMIUMRS. 770 /month100 MbpsNo FUP/No Data Limit

ANI Network Rest of Delhi/NCR

ANI Network has been providing internet and telecom solutions to the heart of India, Delhi and surrounding cities for over a decade. ANI Network’s success is attributed to its contribution towards the economic development of the region.

Packages NamePriceData RateFUP
STARTERRS. 500/month50 MbpsNo FUP/No Data Limit
GOLDENRS. 650/month75 MbpsNo FUP/No Data Limit
PLATINUMRS. 750/month100 MbpsData Transfer Unlimited

Contact Details

Location2, Krishan Kunj, Main Bazaar, Laxmi Nagar Delhi – 110092
Helpline No.(+91)-11-7110-0900

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