Tikona Broadband Plans in Bangalore Review 2023

Tikona is one of the most popular telecom service providers in Bangalore India. They have a wide variety of tariffs for different data internet / Broadband plans. The prices are very competitive and after the new services launched by Tikona, their customers have been happy. Tikona has always been known for its innovative, business-centric approach to technology.

Tikona Broadband Plans in Bangalore

Tikona is a leading broadband service provider in many regions across the country. Recently, they have expanded their offerings to Bangalore and now offer four different tariff plans. The starting plan for those who just need basic data is the Rs 399 one-month plan that of data with a download speed of 10 Mbps. This plan also includes unlimited voice calls and free access to Tikona TV, a music streaming app.

All Home Broadband Plans Review

Tikona is an internet service provider that offers broadband internet plans in Bangalore. The company provides high-speed data transfer rates, mobile towers, and mobile phone services. Tikona has different packages for customers. All of the packages offer limited/unlimited use with no data cap but the costs differ based on bandwidth usage.

Package NameData & ValidityPriceSpeed
TBI_ECO_MFUP Limit Per Month, For 1 MonthRs. 120010 Mbps
TBI_ECO_HFUP Limit Per Month, For 6 MonthsRs. 648010 Mbps
TBI_ECO_AFUP Limit Per Month, For 12 MonthsRs. 1224010 Mbps
TBI_STD_MFUP Limit Per Month, For 1 MonthRs. 250020 Mbps
TBI_STD_QFUP Limit Per Month, For 3 MonthsRs. 712520 Mbps
TBI_STD_HFUP Limit Per Month, For 6 MonthsRs. 1350020 Mbps
TBI_STD_AFUP Limit Per Month, For 12 MonthsRs. 2550020 Mbps
PREULQ_SPLUnlimited, Per 3 monthsRs. 39930 Mbps
PREULH_SPLUnlimited, Per 6 monthsRs. 39930 Mbps
PREULA_SPLUnlimited, Per 12 monthsRs. 39930 Mbps
PRIME_ULM_SPLUnlimited, Per monthRs. 49940 Mbps
PRIME_ULQ_DELSPLUnlimited, Per 3 monthsRs. 49940 Mbps
PRIME_ULH_SPLUnlimited, Per 6 monthsRs. 49940 Mbps
PRIME_ULA_SPLUnlimited, Per 12 monthsRs. 49940 Mbps
TURBO_ULM_SPLUnlimited, Per monthRs. 59960 Mbps
TURBO_ULQ_SPLUnlimited, Per 3 monthsRs. 59960 Mbps
TURBO_ULH_SPLUnlimited, Per 6 monthsRs. 59960 Mbps
TURBO_ULA_SPLUnlimited, Per 12 monthsRs. 599100 Mbps
UPREULM_SPLUnlimited, Per monthRs. 699100 Mbps
UPREULQ_SPLUnlimited, Per 3 monthsRs. 699100 Mbps
UPREULH_SPLUnlimited, Per 6 monthsRs. 699100 Mbps
UPREULA_SPLUnlimited, Per 12 monthsRs. 6991000 Mbps
TURBOSTD_ULM_LCO_01Unlimited, Per monthRs. 799150 Mbps
TURBOSTD_ULM_LCO_01_QUnlimited, Per 3 monthsRs. 799150 Mbps
TURBOSTD_ULH_SPLUnlimited, Per 6 monthsRs. 799150 Mbps
TURBOSTD_ULA_SPLUnlimited, Per 12 monthsRs. 799150 Mbps
TURBOPLUS_ULM_LCO_01Unlimited, Per monthRs. 899200 Mbps
TURBOPLUS_ULM_LCO_01_QUnlimited, Per 3 monthsRs. 899200 Mbps
TURBOPLUS_ULH_SPLUnlimited, Per 6 monthsRs. 899200 Mbps
TURBOPLUS_ULA_SPLUnlimited, Per 12 monthsRs. 899200 Mbps
TBI_PRE_M1000 GB, For 1 MonthRs. 350040 Mbps
TBI_PRE_Q1000 GB, For 3 MonthRs. 997540 Mbps
TBI_PRE_H1000 GB, For 6 MonthRs. 1890040 Mbps
TBI_PRE_A1000 GB, For 12 MonthRs. 3570020 Mbps
TBI_SYM_M1500 GB, For 1 MonthRs. 450020 Mbps
TBI_SYM_H1500 GB, For 6 MonthRs. 2430020 Mbps
TBI_SYM_A1500 GB, For 12 MonthRs. 4590020 Mbps
TBI_SPRE_M2000 GB, For 1 MonthRs. 550060 Mbps
TBI_SPRE_Q2000 GB, For 3 MonthsRs. 1567560 Mbps
TBI_SPRE_H2000 GB, For 6 MonthsRs. 2970060 Mbps
TBI_SPRE_A2000 GB, For 12 MonthsRs. 5610060 Mbps
TBI_SYMPRE_M4000 GB, For 1 MonthRs. 1000030 Mbps
TBI_SYMPRE_Q4000 GB, For 3 MonthRs. 5400030 Mbps
TBI_SYMPRE_H4000 GB, For 6 MonthRs. 5400030 Mbps
TBI_SYMPRE_A4000 GB, For 12 MonthRs. 10200030 Mbps
TBI_SYMPLUS_M6000 GB, For 1 MonthRs. 1600040 Mbps
TBI_SYMPLUS_Q6000 GB, For 3 MonthRs. 4560040 Mbps
TBI_SYMPLUS_H6000 GB, For 6 MonthRs. 8640040 Mbps
TBI_SYMPLUS_H6000 GB, For 6 MonthRs. 8640040 Mbps
TBI_SYMPLUS_A6000 GB, For 12 MonthRs. 16320040 Mbps

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Tikona has been a highly reliable and stable broadband provider in Bangalore. With operations set up all over the city, they offer competitively priced high-speed internet connections that are hard to find elsewhere. Tikona offers data plans unlimited usage for just Rs. 2000 per 3 months. This means that users can download as much as they want without any data caps or bandwidth throttling.

Package Name Data & Validity PriceSpeed
XAQD1024KUnlimited, FUP Limit Per 3 MonthsRs. 20001 Mbps
XAHD1024KUnlimited, FUP Limit Per 6 MonthsRs. 39001 Mbps
XAQD2048KUnlimited, FUP Limit Per 3 MonthsRs. 26002 Mbps
XAHD2048KUnlimited, FUP Limit Per 6 MonthsRs. 51002 Mbps
XAQD4096KUnlimited, FUP Limit Per 3 MonthsRs. 38004 Mbps
XAHD4096KUnlimited, FUP Limit Per 6 MonthsRs. 75004 Mbps

Tikona is a great choice for both your home and work. They have a high-quality connection with high speeds. This company is a great option if you are looking for a strong connection that will not let you down. Tikona is a great choice for both your home and work with their high-quality connection and speeds.

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