ACT Broadband Chennai Review Best Plans 2024

The ACT Broadband Chennai Review is a unique and new opportunity for anyone with ACT Broadband to submit their experience with the service, and live the feedback they’ve had. This article will review the ACT Broadband Chennai plan and review its pros and cons for members of the public who are considering signing up with this service.

With so many broadband providers to choose from, how can you be sure that ACT Broadband is the best option for you? The answer comes down to getting the best value for your money. With an ACT Broadband Chennai review, you’ll find that they offer a variety of high-speed plans with speeds up to 1 Gbps.

ACT Broadband Chennai Review

The ACT Broadband Chennai Review is a review of the service and offers that ACT Broadband Chennai has. Customers can choose to subscribe to fiber-optic broadband in Chennai, which is the fastest kind of broadband connection that is currently available. It also includes a lot of other offers like IPTV and installation services in and around the area. There is a variety in plans to choose from and they even offer discounts for bundling your services with them.

ACT Broadband Chennai is the new, sleek Internet connection that is sweeping across Southern India like wildfire. The fast, reliable Internet ensures that users always have a good connection. ACT Broadband has taken the hassle out of lugging around an Ethernet cable and installing dial-up modems; it’s all included in the flat rate.


The ACT Broadband Chennai Review is a new company that provides data and services to residents and corporations in and around the Chennai area. Founded by Indian-American entrepreneur, Rohit Murthy, the company delivers high-quality access to internet speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second to any device with an online browser.

Save on your Internet service provider costs by comparing the various ACT Wireless Broadband Plans, including prices and benefits. With student discounts and expansive coverage, the ACT is a good choice for students. The Unlimited Everyday Plan gives you unlimited bandwidth on weekends and holidays starting with Rs. 549 per month; while the Unlimited Everyday Plus plan offers more speeds.

Customer Service: Discuss ACT’s customer service, including the best way to contact them.


ACT BasicUnlimited75 MbpsRs. 82030 Days
ACT StarterUnlimited40 MbpsRs. 54930 Days
ACT BlazeUnlimited125 MbpsRs. 102030 Days
ACT Blast PromoUnlimited200 MbpsRs. 107530 Days
ACT StormUnlimited250 MbpsRs. 112530 Days
ACT LightningUnlimited300 MbpsRs. 132530 Days
ACT IncredibleUnlimited350 MbpsRs. 199930 Days
ACT GIGAUnlimited1000 MbpsRs. 299930 Days

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ACT Enterprise Platinum7000 GB1 GbpsRs. 499930 Days
ACT Enterprise UltrafastPlus8000 GB1 GbpsRs. 699930 Days
ACT Enterprise Exceptional10000 GB1 GbpsRs. 899930 Days


Billing is a system for tracking charges in order to provide accurate invoices. Setting up a new account with your service provider is an important first step along the way to billing success. Once you have signed up for an account, you can start paying your bills. Start by reviewing the instructions included in the newsletter that was sent to welcome you into the company – they are usually specific enough to walk you through how to pay your bills.

Is act fibernet good?

Act Fibernet is a good internet service provider. The company offers a wide range of services and packages. They have high-speed internet, a home phone, and TV services. The company offers a number of different speed levels to choose from depending on your needs. Act Fibernet also provides an online customer portal that allows you to manage your account, change your plan, or make payments.

ACT Broadband Chennai has a plan for everyone. Its customer service is always available and easily accessible. The plans ACT offers are very affordable and one of the best in the industry. The company strives to offer a quality product that exceeds expectations. For these reasons, we recommend that you call or visit Act Broadband Chennai to learn more about their products and services. ACT Broadband Chennai has a plan for everyone. Its customer service is always available and easily accessible.

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