Vasai Cable Internet Plans Recharge and Contact Number 2024

Vasai Cable Internet plans are unique in the sense that they offer free internet at a very affordable price. On the other hand, we also have Vasai Cable Plans with different speeds, data limits, and more. But what makes these plans so special? For those who are looking for a reliable and cheap internet plan provider, Vasai Cable is the way to go.

This company offers a vast array of plans at very affordable prices, perfect for those with tight budgets. The company has been operating and prides itself on its reliability and customer satisfaction. They offer the best Vasai Cable plans in Vasai for Their valued customers. The internet plans are tailor-made to suit your needs and budget. Our internet plans are flexible and offer unlimited data, no speed restrictions, or data porting.

Vasai Cable Internet Plans Recharge

Cable Internet in Vasai has become a common talking point, with its popularity increasing in recent years. With so many different providers to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on the best plan for your needs. Cable Connection offers plans ranging from Rs 420 -1999 that are designed to suit any budget.

The plans include unlimited downloads and online gaming. There are also many different packages that one can choose from to suit their needs. Their plans come with rental equipment included in the cost, so there will be no extra charges for renting the equipment needed to connect to the internet. This plan is perfect for home-based businesses, small businesses, and individuals.


1 Month (30 Days) Plans

Package NameSpeedPrice
Solo5Mbps1MV5 MbpsRs. 420
Solo10Mpbs1MV10 MbpsRs. 695
Solo15Mbps1MV15 MbpsRs. 1075
Solo20Mbps1MV20 MbpsRs. 1475
Solo25Mbps1MV25 MbpsRs. 1950
Solo50Mbps1MV50 MbpsRs. 3500
Solo100Mbps1MV100 MbpsRs. 7300

3 Month (90 Days) Plans

Package NameSpeedPrice
Solo5Mbps3MV5 MbpsRs. 1260
Solo10Mbps3MV10 MbpsRs. 1800
Solo20Mbps3MV20 MbpsRs. 4400
Solo50Mbps3MV50 MbpsRs. 6900
Solo100Mbps3MV100 MbpsRs. 14000

6 Month (180 Days) Plans

Package NameSpeedPrice
Solo5Mbps6MV5 MbpsRs. 2300
Solo10Mbps6MV10 MbpsRs. 2900
Solo20Mbps6MV20 MbpsRs. 5000
Solo30Mbps6MV30 MbpsRs. 7250
Solo50Mbps6MV50 MbpsRs. 13500
Solo100Mbps6MV100 MbpsRs. 2100

12 Month (360 Days) Plans

Package NameSpeedPrice
Solo10Mbps12MV10 MbpsRs. 4600
Solo15Mbps12MV15 MbpsRs. 4950
Solo20Mbps12MV20 MbpsRs. 6500
Solo30Mbps12MV30 MbpsRs. 10000
Solo50Mbps12MV50 MbpsRs. 16000
Solo100Mbps12MV100 MbpsRs. 30000

Work From Home (FUP Gold)

1 Month (30 Days) Plans

Package NameDataSpeedPriceFUP
WFH 75GB/50Mbps/6Mbps75 GB50 MbpsRs. 5006 Mbps
WFH 125GB/50Mbps/10Mbps125 GB50 MbpsRs. 80010 Mbps
WFH 125GB/100Mbps/10Mbps125 GB100 MbpsRs. 87510 Mbps
WFH 150GB/50Mbps/15Mbps150 GB50 MbpsRs. 125015 Mbps
WFH 600GB/50Mbps/20Mbps600 GB50 MbpsRs. 170020 Mbps
WFH 150GB/50Mbps/25Mbps150 GB50 MbpsRs. 231025 Mbps

3 Month (90 Days) Plans

Package NameDataSpeedPriceFUP
WFH 150GB/50Mbps/6Mbps150 GB50 MbpsRs. 14606 Mbps
WFH 350GB/50Mbps/15Mbps350 GB50 MbpsRs. 260015 Mbps

6 Month (180 Days) Plans

Package NameDataSpeedPriceFUP
WFH 200GB/50Mbps/10Mbps200 GB 5 MbpsRs. 250010 Mbps
WFH 300GB/50Mbps/10Mbps300 GB 10 MbpsRs. 375010 Mbps
WFH 600GB/100Mbps/25Mbps600 GB 20 MbpsRs. 900025 Mbps

Vasai Cable Contact Number Details in Maharashtra, Pune

Cable internet has been around for a long time, but it is no longer just a luxury. It is an essential utility that you need in order to do your homework, research topics, and communicate with friends and family. If you are looking for the best deal on cable internet in Vasai, then give them a call. They can help! You will be surprised at how affordable Cable internet can be. Their service is the most reliable in Vasai. They offer help, advice, and support from their Customer Service department. They also have a help section on their website, which is easy to navigate.

The Vasai Cable Internet Plans are affordable and offer great speeds. They have excellent customer service, which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Head Office

Address:- 120, Golden Park Commercial Complex, Sai Nagar, Near Parvati Cinema, Vasai (West), Palghar, 401202,
Maharashtra INDIA

Local Helpline

Contact Numbers – 1800-266-9797 (Toll-Free), 0250-6631133, 0250-6631144


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Now that you know how to contact Vasai Cable Internet, you can look for the best plan for your family and get a free trial of their service. Make sure to ask about their new plans before deciding which one is right for you. Contact Vasai Cable

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