Banglalink internet Offers & package List latest update 2024

Banglalink is a well-known telecommunication system like Grameenphone, Robi, Teletalk, etc. Like other companies, Banglalink internet offers a wide range of internet services to its valued customers. Banglalink internet service everywhere at home or outside. Currently, the company has distributed their packages in a timely manner. Internet is used in offices, courts, banks, schools, etc. Therefore, Banglalink Internet Packages have been created according to the needs of the customers by thinking of everyone.

Banglalink internet Offers

Amar Offer

Dial *888# to know more about Amar Offer on your Banglalink number.

MyBL App

Banglalink’s MyBL App has internet offer. If you install this app and sign up, you will get 500 MB of internet. There is also a 250 MB log-in bonus on the first 30 days. The app can be found in the Google Play Store.

You can know the details of your number through this app. Such as internet offer, minute offer, SMS offer, current balance, internet balance, SMS balance, etc. It also allows you to recharge your SIM.

Banglalink internet packages (Prepaid)

This table gives the details of all 3 days, 4 days, 7 days, and 30 days packages of Banglalink. With dial code, you can easily buy an internet pack from anywhere from your phone. That’s why you need to have enough money in your SIM. Otherwise, you will fail to buy.

SL NODataAmountDial CodeValidity
 1200 MB18 Taka*121*18#3 Days
 2512 MB23 Taka*121*23#3 Days
 3500 MB9 Taka*5000*309#4 Days
 475 MB13 Taka*121*13#4 Days
 51 GB36 Taka*121*36#4 Days
 61.5 GB41 Taka*5000*41#4 Days
 73 GB58 Taka*121*58#4 Days
 84.5 GB64 Taka*121*64#4 Days
 91 GB16 Taka*121*16#7 Days
 10500 MB42 Taka*121*42#7 Days
 112 GB50 Taka*5000*50#7 Days
 122 GB89 Taka*121*89#7 Days
 134 GB108 Taka*121*108#7 Days
 147 GB114 Taka*121*114#7 Days
 1510 GB129 Taka*121*129#7 Days
 1613 GB149 Taka*121*149#7 Days
 1718 GB169 Taka*121*169#7 Days
 185 GB46 Taka*121*46#30 Days
 1915 GB296 Taka*5000*296#30 Days
 202.5 GB209 Taka*121*209#30 Days
 213 GB249 Taka*121*249#30 Days
 226 GB299 Taka*121*299#30 Days
 2350 GB300 Taka*5000*300#30 Days
 2412GB399 Taka*121*399#30 Days
 2540GB499 Taka*121*499#30 Days
 2645GB699 Taka*121*699#30 Days
 2755GB999 Taka*121*999#30 Days

Mixed Bundle Offers (Prepaid)

Banglalink has come up with a bundle pack. This package includes Internet data, SMS, and minutes

  • 150 MB + 25 min + 10 sms for 4 days at 28 taka. Dial *166*28#
  • 300 MB + 35 min + 10 sms for 7 days at 38 taka. Dial *121*38#
  • 1 GB + 80 min + 10 sms for 7 days at 98 taka. Dial *121*98#
  • 1 GB + 190 min + 30 sms for 30 days at 198 taka. Dial *121*198#
  • 2 GB + 250 min + 30 sms for 30 days at 288 taka. Dial *121*288#
  • 6 GB + 200 min for 30 days at 298 taka. Dial *166*298#
  • 4 GB + 450 min + 30 sms for 30 days at 488 taka. Dial *121*488#
  • 15 GB + 500 min for 30 days at 598 taka. Dial *166*598#

Banglalink New SIM Offer

Buy Banglalink’s new SIM and get an attractive offer. Staying in this offer

1) 3 GB internet, 11 minutes talk time, recharge 48 takas for 7 days
2) 10 GB internet, 100 minutes talk time (1 paisa/sec), recharge 222 takas for 30 days.
3) 200 MB internet, 360 minutes talk time (1 paisa/sec), recharge 224 takas for 30 days.

Bondho SIM Offer

  • 1 GB at tk. 11 for 30 days (Facebook pack)
  • 1 GB at tk. 26 for 7 days. Dial *121*200#
  • 1 GB at tk. 38 for 7 days. Dial *121*200#
  • 5 GB at tk. 49 for 30 days. Dial *121*200#
  • 3 GB at tk. 49 for 7 days

Banglalink recharge offers (Prepaid)

If you are a Banglalink subscriber, then these offers are applicable to you. Banglalink has come up with incredible offers for their customers. Recharge and enjoy.

Banglalink internet offers – recharge (Prepaid)

Recharge according to your needs and get internet data

SL NODataAmountDial CodeValidity
175 MB13 TK*121*13#4 Days
2200 MB18 TK*121*18#3 Days
3512 MB23 TK*121*23#3 Days
41 GB36TK*121*36#4 Days
5500 MB42 TK*121*42#7 Days
73 GB58 TK*121*58#4 Days
82 GB89 TK*121*89#7 Days
94 GB108 TK*121*108#7 Days
107 GB114 TK*121*114#7 Days
1110 GB129 TK*121*129#7 Days
1213 GB149 TK*121*149#7 Days
132.5 GB209 TK*121*209#30 Days
143 GB249 TK*121*249#30 Days
156 GB299 TK*121*299#30 Days
1612 GB399 TK*121*399#30 Days
1740 GB499 TK*121*499#30 Days
1845 GB699 TK*121*699#30 Days
1955 GB999 TK*121*999#30 Days

Banglalink internet offers – bundle recharge (Prepaid)

Banglalink has come up with a bundle pack. This package includes Internet data, SMS, and minutes

SL NODataMinuteSMSAmountDial CodeValidity
1150 MB25 min1028 TK*166*28#4 Days
2300 MB35 min1038 TK*121*38#7 Days
31 GB80 min1098 TK*121*98#7 Days
41 GB190 min30198 TK*121*198#30 Days
52 GB250 min30288 TK*121*288#30 Days
64 GB450 min30488 TK*121*488#30 Days

How to check banglalink internet (MB)

Banglalink internet check, you can follow it to do it

  1. USSD Dial Code * 121 * 1 # or * 5000 * 500 #
  2. You can check your internet balance with MyBL (My Banglalink) app.

You can visit the SIM section of our Website to know more information about SIM in Bangladesh.

We always try to give the latest information on our websiteHowever, Banglalink Company can change the packages at any time in their interest. There is no need to panic. If necessary, you can follow their plans on Banglalink’s official website.

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  1. • 5 GB (1 GB + 4 GB Bonus) can be used for YouTube browsing
    • This pack can also be purchased via MyBL App (
    • To purchase this pack, dial *121*1043#

    Should I use this data in WhatsApp/Message/Facebook or others operations ?

  2. Today I recharge 40bdt on my SIM and then I check my balance but there is no money… I have 30bdt due but I recharge 40tk, in which case I should have Rs 10 left in my account, right?


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