Grameenphone internet offers and packages list 2024

Grameenphone is the most used internet in Bangladesh. (GP) Grameenphone Internet offers 2024 offers various internet packages at very cheap rates. We publish comprehensive information on all internet packages at all times.

You’ll find everything you need about activating my own internet package. So you can easily activate an ideal internet package. Some offers are available on a short-term basis some of our offers are offered in the mid-term and some of our offers are longer-term. We offer many varieties of discounts for its wide customer base.

Grameenphone has divided its internet service into different packages for the benefit of the customers. Packages like Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, TikTok, IMO, bioscope, etc. include GP Internet.

Many of them currently have customers for more data at a lower cost. They have divided their packages into different sections daily, weekly, and monthly.

GP Recharge offer

Data pack

SL NOAmountPackValidity
113 Taka35 MB3 Days
226 Taka1 GB Bioscope prime7 Days
328 Taka512 MB3 Days
438 Taka1 GB (512 + 512 MB 4G)3 Days
546 Taka1 GB3 Days
657 Taka2.5 GB3 Days
769 Taka3.5 GB3 Days
876 Taka4.5 GB (3 GB + 1.5 GB 4G)3 Days
977 Taka1 GB7 Days
1098 Taka2 GB7 Days
11114 Taka5 GB7 Days
12148 Taka8 GB + Zee 5 pass7 Days
13189 Taka1 GB30 Days
14197 Taka1.5 GB + 512 MB 4G30 Days
15198 Taka12 GB7 Days
16289 Taka3 GB30 Days
17299 Taka5 GB30 Days
18349 Taka8 GB30 Days
19399 Taka10 GB + Zee 5 pass30 Days
20498 Taka15 GB30 Days
21518 Taka50 GB30 Days
22649 Taka25 GB (20 GB + 5 GB 4G)30 Days
23998 Taka50 GB (30 GB + 20 GB 4G)30 Days
24999 Taka60 GB 4G30 Days
251499 Taka100 GB 4G30 Days
261999 Taka200 GB 4G30 Days

Bundle Pack

SL NOAmountPackValidity
156 Taka500 MB + 30 Minutes3 Days
296 Taka1GB + 80 Minutes7 Days
3309 Taka3GB + 300Minutes 30 Days
4494 Taka2GB + 600 Minutes30 Days
5548 Taka15GB + 500 Minutes30 Days
6599 Taka10GB+301 Minutes30 Days
7798 Taka25GB  + 700 Minutes30 Days
8989 Taka25GBG + 601 Minutes30 Days
9997 Taka6GB + 1200 Minutes30 Days

GP Flexi plan 2121

SL NOAmountDataValidity
 15.98 Taka50 MB3 Days
 29.48 Taka100 MB3 Days
 313.18 Taka250 MB3 Days
 427.45 Taka500 MB3 Days
 550.68 Taka1.5 GB3 Days
 657.04 Taka2.5 GB3 Days
 728.05 Taka50 MB7 Days
 842.70 Taka100 MB7 Days
 952.41 Taka250 MB7 Days
 1054.91 Taka500 MB7 Days
 1188.08 Taka1.5 GB7 Days
 12103.17 Taka2.5 GB7 Days
 13108.65 Taka3.5 GB7 Days
 14114.07 Taka5 GB7 Days
 15148.61 Taka8 GB7 Days
 16198.98 Taka12 GB7 Days
 17264.30 Taka20 GB7 Days
 1863.61 Taka250 MB15 Days
 1975.67 Taka500 MB15 Days
 20112.02 Taka1.5 GB15 Days
 21131.84 Taka2.5 GB15 Days
 22161.01 Taka3.5 GB15 Days
 23165.19 Taka5 GB15 Days
 24199.48 Taka8 GB15 Days
 25249.84 Taka12 GB15 Days
 26314.17 Taka20 GB15 Days
 27617.13 Taka30 GB15 Days
 28106.59 Taka250 MB30 Days
 29134.23 Taka500 MB30 Days
 30191.87 Taka1.5 GB30 Days
 31226.28 Taka2.5 GB30 Days
 32293.23 Taka3.5 GB30 Days
 33299.21 Taka5 GB30 Days
 34349.08 Taka8 GB30 Days
 35423.39 Taka12 GB30 Days
 36521.13 Taka20 GB30 Days
 37770.47 Taka30 GB30 Days

Cashback on 5 data pack ( Grameenphone internet offers )

SLAmountDataCash BackValidity
157 Taka2.5 GB5 Taka3 Days
269 Taka3.5 GB5 Taka3 Days
3114 Taka5 GB10 Taka7 Days
4148 Taka8 GB10 Taka7 Days
5399 Taka10 GB41 Taka30 Days

Grameenphone internet packages

Volume Packages

SL NOAmountPackValidity
177 Taka1 GB7 Days
2299 Taka5 GB30 Days
3399 Taka10 GB Free Zee5 Pass30 Days
4649 Taka20 GB + 5 GB 4G SilverSTAR Status30 Days
5998 Taka30 GB + 20 GB 4G Gold STAR Status30 Days
6498 Taka15 GB30 Days
728 Taka512 MB3 Days
8289 Taka3 GB30 Days
9189 Taka1 GB30 Days
10197 Taka2 GB 1.5 GB + 512 MB 4G30 Days
1120 Taka343 MB30 Days

Offer Packs

SL NOAmountPackValidity
138 Taka1 GB 512 MB + 512 MB 4G3 Days
257 Taka2.5 GB3 Days
369 Taka3.5 GB3 Days
476 Taka4.5 GB 3 GB + 1.5 GB 4G3 Days
5114 Taka5 GB7 Days
6148 Taka8 GB Free Zee5 Pass7 Days
7349 Taka8 GB30 Days
898 Taka2 GB7 Days
946 Taka1 GB3 Days
10198 Taka12 GB7 Days
111.64 Taka30 MB3 Days
126.56 Taka90 MB7 Days

Bundles Packs

SL NOAmountPackMinutesValidity
156 Taka500 MB30 Minutes3 Days
296 Taka1 GB80 Minutes7 Days
3309 Taka3 GB300 Minutes30 Days
4548 Taka15 GB Silvere Star Status Free Bioscope Prime Pass500 Minutes30 Days
5798 Taka25 GB Silvere Star Status Free Bioscope Prime Pass700 Minutes30 Days
6599 Taka10 GB Heavy Data300 Minutes30 Days
7989 Taka25 GB Heavy Data600 Minutes30 Days
8997 Taka6 GB  Voice Heavy 1200 Minutes30 Days
9494 Taka2 GBVoice Heavy 600 Minutes30 Days
1099 Taka5 GB ZEE5 Pack   30 Days
1139 Taka1 GB ZEE5 Pack   7 Days

4G Pack

SL NOAmountDataValidity
1124 Taka6 GB7 Days
2499 Taka20 GB30 Days
3999 Taka60 GB30 Days
41499 Taka100 GB30 Days
51999 Taka200 GB30 Days

Bioscope Packs

SL NOAmountPackValidity
134 Taka512 MB Regular Data 512 MB Bioscope Streaming Volume3 Days
29 Taka30 MB Bioscope Pack  3 Days
352 Taka5 GB Bioscope Streaming Only30 Days
418 Taka1 GB Bioscope Pack  7 Days
5105 Taka2 GB 1GB vanilla + 1GB Bioscope7 Days

Conference Packs

SL NOAmountPackValidity
133 Taka1 GB Microsoft Teams Skype for Business Lync Google Duo zoom3 Days
268 Taka2 GB Microsoft Teams Skype for Business Lync Google Duo zoom7 Days
3226 Taka4 GB Microsoft Teams Skype for Business Lync Google Duo zoom30 Days
4276  Taka10 GB Microsoft Teams Skype for Business Lync Google Duo zoom30 Days
5432 Taka20 GB Microsoft Teams Skype for Business Lync Google Duo zoom30 Days
6518 Taka30 GB Microsoft Teams Skype for Business Lync Google Duo zoom30 Days
7587 Taka40 GB Microsoft Teams Skype for Business Lync Google Duo zoom30 Days

Cinematic / Bioscope pack

SL NOAmountPackValidity
118 Taka1 GB7 Days
252 Taka5 GB30 Days
39 Taka30 MB3 Days
4105 Taka2 GB (1 GB Bioscope + 1 GB)7 Days
534 Taka1 GB (512 MB Bioscope+ 512 MB)3 Days

We always try to give the latest information on our websiteHowever, Grameenphone Company can change the packages at any time in their interest. There is no need to panic. If necessary, you can follow their plans on Grameenphone’s official website.

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