Review Alliance Broadband Plans Kolkata, West Bengal 2024 and Best Offers/Package

Alliance Broadband Plans Kolkata Welcome to this post. In this post, we will discuss different packages of Alliance Broadband. Here are the details of different TV packages and various offers including the internet.

Alliance Broadband provides a well-known broadband service in Kolkata particularly. The Internet experience is now being made nicer by installing low prices and unlimited High-speed internet to houses and offices.

The company is not just a type-A internet service provider but East India’s first ISO-accredited broadband service provider. Alliance was established in January 2003 and had a good increase in customer bases since. According to CEIC Data, it had 3,890 subscribers during 2006. The company said. 496 registered users. 2006.

Alliance Broadband Plans Kolkata 2024

Alliance Broadband recharge pack

Internet service providers have been struggling to keep up with the demand for high-speed broadband. In an effort to maintain a competitive edge, many companies have been looking to invest in better infrastructure and faster connections. One such company, Alliance Broadband LLC, has developed a new recharge pack that offers a potential solution for consumers who are experiencing problems with their broadband service.

The internet service provider industry is in the midst of disruption due to rapid changes in consumer usage patterns and competitive behaviors.

Package NameBandwidthOTTOTT offerPriceValidity
ENTRY100 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes3 months AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 7006 months recharge
SMART125 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
3 months AMAZON PRIME free,
6 months Hotstar and SonyLIV free
RS. 8506 months recharge
CRUISE150 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
3 months AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 10006 months recharge
PREMIUM+175 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
VacantRS. 1150Vacant
SPEED+250 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
VacantRS. 1500Vacant
FLASH+400 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 2600Every month recharge
INNOVATOR510 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 3500Every month recharge
GIGABLAST1024 MbpsHoichoi, Hungama, Addatimes,
ZEE 5, Sony, Star
AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 7000Every month recharge
STARTER60 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 500Vacant
ZOOM75 MbpsVacant3 months AMAZON PRIME freeRS. 6006 months recharge
PRIME+100 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 6506 months recharge,
2 months free and
8 months recharge,
4 months free
PREFERRED+140 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 8506 months recharge,
2 months free and
8 months recharge,
4 months free
CORP_175175 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 1150Vacant
CORP_250250 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 1500Vacant
CORP_400400 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 2600Vacant
CORP_510510 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 3500Vacant
CORP_1G1024 MbpsVacantVacantRS. 7000Vacant

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Many rural areas are not serviced by traditional broadband providers and must rely on satellite or mobile broadband.
A new project has been launched in West Bengal and will offer broadband packages that can be accessed via a dial-up connection.

When it comes to finding great broadband packages, you should always remember to research the options in your area. In many regions, larger providers do not offer packages that are affordable or can support the users’ data needs. Fortunately for West Bengal residents, there are a number of smaller internet service providers that offer high-speed services at rates that work well for most customers and include an excellent customer service department.

And You can find out the exact information from their official website if you want.
Toll-free number/contact number.


Whatsapp Number: 9874331155

Phone: 033-7100 2000

For quick response: 9163691000


Address: P-31 Nani Gopal Roychowdhury Avenue, Phillips Crossing, Kolkata -700014

Welcomes Interested Channel Partners1800 1200 300
Interested in Alliance Broadband connectioncall 18001200300
SMS 9163691000
Corporate / leased line user18001200300
Existing Broadband User18001200300
Existing VoIP user18001200300

Kerala and Tamilnadu

+91- 7596004885 / 0484-4000878

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

+91 7596080776

  • What is the installation charge of alliance broadband?

    Answer– Their installation charges vary from time to time. Such as 1500 rupees, 2000 rupees, 2500 rupees, 3000 rupees. The amount or location of the wires varies considerably. So call their toll-free number to get the correct information.

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